Author: Sarah R. Walters

4 Ways Successful Attorneys Prepare for Trial

Whether you’re a seasoned litigator or a recent law school grad just beginning your career, thorough trial preparation remains the most critical factor in your overall success. This is, however, easier said than done, as mounting responsibilities make it difficult to stay on top of a seemingly endless to-do list. Luckily, you’re not alone, and

Why Pursue an Investor Visa

If you are interested in living and working in the US, one of the quickest ways to gain a green card is through investment in the US economy. However, only a limited number of investor visas are granted each year and they have strict investment and job creation requirements. There are several reasons why you

Burden of Proof in a Defamation Lawsuit

A negative allegation can impact your reputation and cause a loss of money, employment, and opportunities. If the allegation is false, the law provides you with some protection by allowing you to file a defamation lawsuit and possibly win compensation for your losses. However, First Amendment rights must also be protected, so the burden of

How To Get Debt Collectors To Stop Calling:

It’s likely that everyone will incur a small bit of debt throughout their lives. Debt can become unmanageable however when people stop taking responsibility for it. When debt continues to climb and he gets to the point where it’s unmanageable and payments are missed, it’s not long before creditors start calling. When debt collectors start