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Get Legal Help For Child Support Arrears

Debts for child support and alimony are the only ones that never go away. They cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and without a court appearance, it is almost impossible to modify them. If due to current circumstances, you believe that the amount you pay for child support should be modified, you can try to negotiate

The Importance of Business Insurance

Business owners face unique risks each day, and in spite of a risk management strategy in place, businesses still need additional protection from these liabilities. Business insurance is a way to protect the company financially, whether you choose to purchase a policy through a nationwide provider or you seek an industry-specific captive consulting firm. Your

Legal Options When Dealing With Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, with 2020 being especially poignant due to domestic violence being named a sort of shadow pandemic to COVID-19, with global cases thought to be seeing increases of around 20% during times of quarantine-related lockdown. Part of increasing awareness of domestic violence is developing a better understanding of legal options