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How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are terrible events for all parties involved. They lead to emotional distress and can cause physical injury or worse. No one wants to be blamed for such an aftermath, and this is even more true considering the driver at fault generally has to pay all the damages. Not to mention the impact causing

What classes as an accident at work?

Whenever you are at work your employer is responsible for ensuring your health and safety at work, they have the duty to protect you and tell you about any health and safety issues that might end up affecting you. They are also responsible for making sure that they repost any accidents and incidents that might

Benefits of Hiring a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Having an experienced and educated Canadian Immigration Lawyer is essential when dealing with Canadian government. In order for successful Canadian Immigration Lawyers get successful results on the customer’s behalf. Keeping up with the latest developments in Canadian immigration law, rules, policies and procedures for processing various immigrant visa applications, work permits and research permits is