How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Even if a car accident is not your fault, the onus is on you to fight for the recovery that you need.

Personal injury law is one of the most common forms of litigation that packs courtrooms all over the country each and every day. Because of this, you need to learn exactly how to hire a professional attorney that is diligent and attentive to your needs.

With this in mind, it’s only natural that you might be wondering how much it will cost you to pay for these attorneys. Since you still have to recoup money for your medical bills, damages to your vehicle, and other factors, you don’t want to spend up all of this money on legal fees.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to retain the help of a car accident attorney, the tips in this article will be helpful to you.

Get to Know the Contingency Fee When Hiring a Lawyer

Car accident lawyers, unlike other attorneys, charge based on a percentage of your settlement, rather than flat fees or by the hour. This is important to understand since it means that the amount that you pay will vary.

This also means is that you do not have to worry about out-of-pocket costs like you would when hiring other lawyers. An attorney’s contingency fee is usually approximately 30% of what you get from the settlement or court decision.

So if you reach a settlement of $100,000 this means that your attorney will collect $30,000 once the check clears. Each attorney has the right to charge whatever fees they see fit, but expecting a 30% to 40% fee structure is pretty commonplace.

Keep this in mind when you are searching for a lawyer so that you maximize your settlement amount while still getting the attentive, professional legal help that you require.

Make Sure That You’re Choosing the Highest Quality Car Accident Attorney

Once you get the fee structure out of the way, make certain that you’re hiring a lawyer that can steer the ship with your case. Accidents can involve debilitating injuries that require years of recovery, and might even be permanent.

When you have a lawyer that understands personal injury law, they can effectively find the other party at fault. Knowing that you have professional help means you won’t have to stress yourself out worrying about whether or not you will win the case.

It is critical to hire a lawyer because these cases are often settled outside of court. You need the help of an attorney that understands negotiation and how to maximize the settlement that you are expecting to receive.

Take your time to find this car accident attorney so you can get the results that you’re looking for.

Hire a Lawyer to Represent Your Case

A car accident attorney can assist you whether you have a fender bender or life-changing injuries. Knowing how much they charge will put you in the best position to fight for the settlement that you deserve.

Start talking to a few different law firms as soon as you know you have a case on your hands.

Be sure to check back with us to learn more about car accident cases and other areas of legal expertise.

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