Category: Personal Injury

Injury lawyers and common injury cases

A personal injury case typically arises when someone suffers actual bodily or emotional harm. Another party can cause Injuries because of acting recklessly, negligently, or maliciously. Pursuing a personal injury claim tends to be a lengthy process. If you believe you may have grounds for filing a claim, you can discuss your situation with an

Warehouse Accident Claims

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous. The environment is physically demanding and can commonly cause back injuries. Other mishaps can include forklift accidents, slips, trips and falls, objects falling from above, falling from heights, and manual handling injuries. According to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive, 144 workers were the victims of

Serious Work Injury Claims

If you have had an accident at work which was no fault of your own in the last three years. You may be able to claim compensation for any loss of earnings. It’s the job of your employer to follow health and safety rules and if their lack of care and attention was the reason