Claiming Compensation From Tesco

Tesco is Britain’s largest retailer, welcoming millions of shoppers each week to its Superstore, Metro and Express outlets. As of October 2010, Tesco PLC operated over 2,500 stores in the UK of varying sizes, and continues to expand rapidly, both in the UK and overseas. It is also the UK’s largest private sector employer, with a workforce estimated at over a quarter of a million people. Despite its status as the largest of the supermarket giants, Tesco owes the same duty of care to its visitors as any other occupier of public premises. Under the Occupier’s Liability Act (1957) Tesco has a legal responsibility to take all ‘reasonable’ measures to safeguard the health and safety of its visitors. A visitor injured in a Tesco store or car park through no fault of their own should therefore seek specialist legal advice as to whether compensation may be due to them for injuries sustained.

Slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of injuries at Tesco. Such accidents commonly occur when products have been spilled in aisles and not cleaned up, or when floor surfaces are in a dangerously wet and slippery state. Customers may also trip and fall if stock crates or product packaging have been left lying in aisles, or if carpeted surfaces at entrances have become worn and frayed. One of the main responsibilities of Tesco management therefore is to ensure that an effective system of inspection, cleaning and maintenance is in place to deal with potential hazards as they arise. Spilled products especially must be cleaned up within a reasonable time-frame. Where hazards cannot be immediately dealt with, if a customer toilet has been recently cleaned for example, warning signs and safety barriers should be put in place to prevent public access.

Accidents and injuries at Tesco tend to increase during winter, as treacherous weather conditions create new problems for shoppers and staff. Ice and snow may be trampled into the supermarket entrance, leaving surfaces slippery and hazardous. If Tesco car parks and public walkways are not effectively gritted, areas of ice and snow will pose a considerable risk. It is essential therefore that management foresee the effects of weather conditions as far as possible, and maintain sufficient supplies of salt or grit to deal with them. They have a responsibility to provide safe passage for visitors in freezing conditions, and where such conditions are particularly hazardous, premises should be closed until visitor safety can be better guaranteed.

Injuries sustained at Tesco supermarket stores may warrant compensation through a personal injury claim. Whether due to slips, falls, or other incidents, individuals can seek legal assistance to address medical expenses and related damages. Specialized solicitors in supermarket injury claims guide individuals through the legal process, emphasizing the store’s responsibility for maintaining a safe environment. Pursuing such claims ensures that affected individuals have the opportunity to assert their rights and obtain rightful compensation for the harm suffered within the premises of a Tesco supermarket.

There are many other potential causes of accidents at Tesco which may result in a claim for compensation against the supermarket. These include customers being struck by items falling from over-crowded or poorly stacked shelves, and injuries from defective shopping trolleys. Injured parties should not be deterred from making a claim against Tesco due the size of the company, as accidents in supermarkets, and resulting successful compensation claims are relatively common. Bartlett Solicitors have extensive experience with all types of supermarket accident compensation claims. These are handled on a No Win No Fee basis meaning you will not pay a penny win or lose.