What are the Various Types of Marriage Separation Agreements?

A separation is different from a divorce. Separation indicates that you are living away from your spouse, but still married legally until you obtain a divorce decree from a court. A separation usually has an impact on the monetary responsibilities between your spouse and you, before the finalization of the divorce. Divorce separation agreement is of 3 types.

Trial Separation

In case the two of you need a break from your marriage relationship, you might like to live isolated while the two of you take a decision on whether to reconcile or go for a divorce. In a trial separation state, the same laws that apply on married couples are also applicable on you, as far as property ownership is concerned.

Legal Separation

In a few states, you may obtain a legal marital separation agreement by filing a request for the same in a family court. Being separated legally is a varied legal status from being married or divorced. You are neither married, nor divorced, and do not have the legal right to remarry. However, a court order that grants legal separation comprises of orders about child custody and support, alimony, property division etc, similar to a divorce. Many people like to opt for such a separation rather than a divorce, due to their religious beliefs, for kids’ sake, social reasons etc.

Permanent Separation

You are regarded as permanently separated when you live isolated from your husband / wife, with no wish to reconcile. However, you are not legally divorced. In a few states, living apart from one another can change rights on property between spouses. In case you do not wish to reconcile, debts and assets acquired at the time of separation would be only with the spouse acquiring them. When you opt for permanent separation, you will no longer have any responsibility for any debt that is incurred by your spouse. You may also download free rental lease agreement or equipment bill of sale from the website forms.legal

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