Tips to Help You Start a Successful Legal Practice

Whether you have been practicing the art of law for decades or you just recently passed the bar and are looking for your first job, the chances are that you have been thinking about starting your own legal practice since you decided that you wanted to become a lawyer.

And while this is an admirable goal, many lawyers start their firms forgetting that they are, in fact, also starting small businesses.

If you are a lawyer at heart but new to the world of business, below are some tips to help you start a successful legal practice of your own.

Use Your Name to Sell

Do you know what type of legal service McMahon, Burke, & Thompson provide? Neither some somebody who has just been involved in a motor vehicle accident and is looking for legal representation.

However, do you know what type of services West-Side Motor Vehicle Lawyers provides? You sure do, and you can bet that the client mentioned above does too, and you can guess which lawyer she will be calling.

Whatever name you choose, be sure that it works for your business and can be used a marketing tool to bring in new clients without sounding like it is trying too hard.

Watch Your Startup Capital

The worst thing that you can do is to pretend that you’re on the set of Entourage and start spending your startup capital like you own a printing press. Instead, use the same money-saving techniques which you use at home. For example, the Groupon Coupons page for Saks Fifth Avenue is a great place to pick up items to furnish your waiting room while the same platform can also be used to buy cheap computers for your staff.

Of course, the tip isn’t’ limited to just these ideas. Anything that you need to buy for your office, consider what you would do if it were coming out of your personal finances and make a decision using this as your metric.

Speaking of Offices

Of course, in your dreams of owning your own practice you likely also dreams of working in a high rise tower. And while these offices exist, they aren’t the ones for you when you’re first starting.

Instead, look for the smaller location which is nearer to your clients. For example, if you will be providing bail bond services or 24 hours legal services then consider setting up a business near a plica station. Similarly, if you will be providing estate planning services then look for areas with a higher population of elderly residents.

When it comes to starting your own legal practice, it is certainly an achievable task if you are constantly reminding yourself that you are also running a business. With this in mind, in addition to these tips, be sure to speak with friends or family members who have been through a similar adventure to get their ideas and perspective on their situations to help you with yours.

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