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Common Court-Ordered Alternatives to Incarceration

Overcrowded prisons and the realization that many criminal offenders would benefit significantly more from alternatives to imprisonment has significantly changed how courts punish these individuals. Today’s judiciary and criminal justice system is focused on rehabilitation rather than incarceration, but some may think that this goal comes at the cost of true punishment because judges are

US Claims: A Brief but Complete Guide

Did you know that in one recent year there were as many as 1.3 million lawyers active in the USA? Litigation and the pursuit of compensation is big business in many countries, including the USA. Many people are put off from pursuing the compensation they deserve because of the complexity of legal proceedings or their

What is occupational asthma?

Occupational asthma is the name given to the condition of asthma when it is caused or worsened by a person’s work environment. Asthma develops from a person inhaling substances called asthmagens, which are airborne. Exposure to asthmagens is quite common in a range of industries, such as hairdressing, cleaning, and baking. Sometimes inhaling asthmagens in

Types of Damages Awarded In Birth Injury Claims

Birth injuries may be life-changing to both the baby and its family. Additionally, they may lead to high financial setbacks both in the short-term and the long-term. While accidents are not a rare occurrence in maternity clinics, you should not be forced to incur financial expenses for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. If you