Applying for Clemency in the Us

Is Clemency an option for Jennifer?

In 2013 Florida woman Jennifer Mee was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


As a nineteen year old Jennifer contacted a young man through Facebook and he agreed to go on a date with her. Jennifer’s motive was robbery and she arranged to meet the victim at an agreed location but at this place Jennifer’s two male friends robbed him and it was during this process that Jennifer’s so-called date was fatally shot.

Under Florida law, any person who participates in a fatal robbery is as equally guilty of murder as the person who did the actual killing.

There are several issues regarding Jennifer’s case.

The first is that none of the trio ever intended to kill the victim but rather the one who pulled the trigger got carried away with the moment. If some drunk driver kills someone are the passengers as equally guilty of the crime as the drunk?

What Jennifer did comes under the definition of manslaughter according to any dictionary.

The second issue is the sentence of life imprisonment without parole. That does seem to be over the top when you compare Jennifer’s case to so many other cases of murder. Her case is at the lower end of the scale. I have not seen any evidence whatsoever that Jennifer is a danger of reoffending if she was released into the community.

She had never been in any trouble with law enforcement prior to her arrest. It would be fair to say that career criminals come to the attention of police early in their teens but Jennifer was nineteen when arrested.


Is clemency an option for Jennifer?

It may or may not but it is worth a try.

The President has the authority to grant a pardon or clemency but this option is only available to those who committed a federal crime.. Jennifer’s crime is a state one therefore she is not eligible to apply for a presidential pardon/clemency but does have the option of applying for a state clemency.

Ron de Santis is the Governor of Florida and he is the one to apply to. This needs to be on the official form. Jennifer as I understand it cannot apply herself.

There are services available that can help with the clemency application process which can help you to avoid mistakes and one of these is They are unable to give legal advice but help with the paperwork.

Jennifer does have a number of supporters who can do all of the paperwork. It would be better if there was someone from Florida who did all of this for her. I am from New Zealand which is a hindrance being so far away.

This is a call to anyone from Florida who believes in the cause to get involved and do all of this.