How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a very stressful and personal life event. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, it could help to have an advocate at your side. If you’ve never had to choose a lawyer before, you may find it difficult to narrow down your decision. Hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are three tips for choosing the best possible divorce lawyer.

Research Attorney Options

Before you settle on a divorce attorney NJ clients trust, you need to do a little bit of the legwork. If you know anyone who has gone through a divorce recently, ask them about their experience with divorce attorneys. They may have suggestions for you. You can also research lawyers in your area to find out who is closest and who might be the best at representing you. Most lawyers have testimonials or reviews online that you can read through. This can help make your decision easier.

Interview Your Potential Options

You have every right to interview any potential lawyers. In fact, you should ask plenty of questions before you decide to hire someone. Your questions should revolve around the following:

  • Experience
  • Number of clients
  • Cost and fees

You can also ask your lawyer about his or her approach to the law. Do your philosophies align with one another? If you do not feel comfortable asking questions or if your lawyer is not willing to answer them, it’s a red flag. Most attorneys will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

Choose the Attorney You Trust

You will work extensively with your divorce attorney. It should be a person who you can trust has your best interests in mind. If you have children, the attorney should be able to understand that your children always come first. If you have a less than amicable divorce, he or she should be able to guide you through the struggle. Make your choice based on price and comfort. Your attorney will have a lot of questions and likewise, you should feel comfortable asking questions. Divorce is an extremely personal process. If you aren’t comfortable, it could hurt your case.

Choosing a divorce attorney is a major decision. Having an advocate can help you manage your case and can take a lot of the stress off. You simply have to make sure that you choose a lawyer who has your best interests at heart.


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