When and Why Would You Need Child Custody Lawyers?

Unfortunately, our family life is not always a bed of roses. There are difficulties and conflicts that can one day lead to living apart or even divorce. In these hard circumstances, especially for families with kids, you could need the assistance of experienced child custody lawyers. Here are some reasons and tips on contacting child custody lawyers to consider.

Firstly, child custody lawyers can come into your life together with the transformations in your family. When you and your spouse separate or one of you starts a divorce filling, there comes a time to define new rules for residence, financial questions, property, and debts, not to mention all the questions, connected with the position and future rights of your kids.

Your family and child custody lawyer can assist you with all the necessary legal consulting which can result in the appropriate formulating of the Separation Agreement. This document is done on paper, according to all the legal norms, can be empowered in court in case your spouse violates its norms.

Such a document can become the outcome of the negotiations between spouses about their updated financial and parental rights and duties. Child custody lawyers will be able to direct both parties to the case to act according to the best interest of their kids.

For example, if parents agree to cooperate and find a compromise for the sake of their children, there are cases when your child custody lawyer can help you to resolve everything without going to the court. This decision can appear as the smoothest and less stressful for all the members of your family. In this case, joint legal custody or shared custody can usually be the solution. This means both parents have a legal right to decide the key issues in the kid’s life, like residence, upbringing, education, whatever can be important for your child.

In case of shared physical custody, both parents have legal custody rights and the obligation to spend up to 40% of their time with their kids, in turn.

As for access, or the right to visit the kid when he or she stays with another parent, experienced child custody lawyers always consider this issue individually, due to all circumstances and preferences.

However, there can be hard disputes between parents as for custody issues. You will definitely need a well-trained and knowledgeable child custody lawyer when one of the parents doesn’t want or unable to perform all the duties in full for any reason. Such cases require even deeper pondering into the separation or divorce case. As the result of such situations can be a sole custody, when only one parent receives the right to decide her or his child’s life issues. In the case of sole custody, kids reside with this parent, and access can be available or denied.

When your kids are older than twelve years old, they would want to come up with their one decision to live with one of the parents and have access to another one. This is called split custody, and such an agreement requires thorough detailing of all the rights and duties child custody requires.

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