Why Pursue an Investor Visa

If you are interested in living and working in the US, one of the quickest ways to gain a green card is through investment in the US economy. However, only a limited number of investor visas are granted each year and they have strict investment and job creation requirements. There are several reasons why you should pursue investor visas Houston TX.

Permanent Residency

Although investor visas have to be renewed at least once, as with the EB-5 visa, most can be renewed indefinitely. The EB-5 visa offers permanent residency and a clear path to citizenship, while the L-1 and E-2 visas just offer unlimited renewals. Other visas, such as the H-1B or student visas, only offer temporary residency.

Economic Benefits

The US is an economic superpower. Its economy is unrivaled throughout the world. This economy offers a strong infrastructure, natural resources and advanced technology. The country’s low unemployment rate is also attractive to investors.

Investor visas offer entrepreneurship opportunities. Because you must invest in the US economy, you can become a new business owner or expand an existing business into the US. Many foreign direct investors have created highly successful companies within the US and made millions, or billions, of dollars.

Also, investors can earn a return on investment. However, they should thoroughly research any investment they make into this economy to ensure the return is worthwhile. For example, regional center investments typically have stronger returns than starting a new business, but not always. Be sure to evaluate the risk and ROI before making your investment.

Employment and Education Choice

Investment visa holders and their families are given green cards, so they can work anywhere, whereas other work visas require that a foreign worker be sponsored by a specific company. In addition, investors and their families can attend any school or university in the US. Green card holders’ tuition rates are also lower than those with other types of visas.

Different Visa Options

Whether you seek US citizenship or temporary residency, there is an investor visa program for you. Each has different investment and job creation requirements. In addition, they differ in their allowances. For example, an EB-5 visa allows investors and their families to move to the US, while other visa programs also include foreign workers for the investors’ companies in other countries to receive temporary residency if they work for the US branches of the investors’ companies.

Consulting with an immigration attorney is the best way to learn about the different investor visa programs.


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