Hiring an Attorney to Represent You in Your Truck Wreck Claim

Truck accidents can be far more complicated than accidents that take place between two passenger cars. Thus, hiring an experienced local truck wreck attorney in Fulton County can prove to be invaluable for your case. A good attorney can assist you in seeking a settlement or in pursuing a lawsuit to get the right compensation entitled to you.

Part of the attorney’s services includes investigating the accident, mapping the crash site to search for evidence, and pursuing the potential insurance policies from which to obtain the claim. Some of the common things that the attorney will look into are as follows:

  1. The exact cause of the crash

Your hired attorney will help to find out the exact cause of the crash. This is a vital piece of information that will help you secure the compensation you are looking for.

There may be several reasons for a crash. The most common causes are as follows:

  • Driver fatigue: Truck drivers should not drive for long hours at a stretch. However, many do anyway, contributing to serious wrecks. Driver fatigue and sleep deprivation are some of the top causes of truck accidents.
  • Substance abuse: Many times, truck drivers resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with their erratic lifestyles. This can lead to fatal crashes despite the laws regulating abuse.
  • Reckless driving: A truck driver who fails to adhere to the traffic laws can put all other drivers on the road in danger. A lot of accidents happen when the truck drivers don’t follow the speed limit or use unsafe lane changes while driving.
  • Records falsification: Despite the stringent laws in place, many trucking companies take up bad practices by falsifying records. In such cases, both the driver and the trucking company are equally held liable for the crash.

Your local truck wreck attorney in Fulton County will investigate the cause of the crash and file the claim accordingly.

  1. Is the truck driver an independent contractor or an employee of a company?

This is another important consideration when identifying the potentially liable parties. The attorney will also evaluate how much control the company has over the driver’s actions, how the company pays the driver, who owns the truck involved in the accident, etc.

  1. The severity of your injuries

Truck accidents are often very serious. They can cause severe injuries, such as damage to the spinal cord, brain injuries, loss of limb, etc. These injuries are typically life-altering.

A good attorney will look at your injuries and assess the future outcomes of it. They will even evaluate the loss of future earning capacity. All these details will help to build a strong case against the responsible parties.

They will also help to determine the right compensation amount. This amount may include medical expenses, future medical treatment, loss of quality of life, loss of earning ability, lost wages, and lifelong pain inflicted.

With a good truck wreck attorney by your side, you will be able to file your claim and get the responsible parties to compensate for your loss.

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