Legal services of Ewan Eggleston, Tauranga barrister specialising in family law

Ewan Eggleston is a lawyer based in Tauranga, New Zealand who specialises in family law and child custody. Unlike most other lawyers he has practiced law in both New Zealand and Australia, making him the preferred choice for both individuals and businesses who are dealing with legal issues involving international law. He is an experienced lawyer with more than 19 years of experience in handling different kinds of cases. He will make an effort to understand the requirement of his client and provide the best possible advice and service, to ensure that the dispute is resolved at the earliest.

Eggleston’s law firm mainly specialises in parenting issues, especially those dealing with child custody and the parents access to their child. He also handles disputes regarding guardianship of a child, who has the right to name the child, religious choice, relocation if required and where the child will live. He also handles the legal formalities for adoption both within the country and otherwise. He has handled a number of parenting and child custody related disputes for his clients both in the local courts in New Zealand and internationally. He can also act on instructions provided for legal aid cases.

Relationship related disputes are also handled by Eggleston and his law firm. He specialises in drafting S21 agreements of all types including prenuptial agreements which are drafted before the marriage and settlements to conclude the dispute which are satisfactory to both parties involved. He has experience in litigation when there are relationship problems. He has represented his clients for S21 agreements at the level of the Court of Appeal and high court. Matters related to trusts and estates are another area of specialisation for Eggleston, and he has contested claims against estates of individuals who are deceased. He has represented trustees as well as other beneficiaries for disputes under the Trustee act and other laws.

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