Settlement Amounts in Car Accident Concussion Cases

Concussions are not the only head injuries sustained in accidents. They are, however, one of the most common types of head injuries. Concussions are not just a result of accidents but are the result of sports injuries. Hockey and football, professional and amateur, are common sports where concussions often happen. Regardless of the reason for a concussion, there are factors that could determine the value of a settlement.

Some of the factors that make a difference in your settlement amount include liability, which is who is responsible for the accident that caused the concussion. Clearly, the other person must be at fault for there to be a liability. If you are at fault, you cannot sue yourself. If there is a question as to who is at fault, the other party may not be willing to provide a settlement.

If there are multiple people that may be at fault and they have different representatives, it may be difficult to determine how much each person should pay. There are factors relating to you as the injured party that may make a difference, such as age, medical history, job, and even how likable you are. The most obvious factor should be the severity of the injuries you received in the accident.

If you do not seek medical treatment right away, this could work against that person when it comes to damages. When it comes to your injuries, if you had received medical treatment timely, you may have been able to reduce the cost and treatment of your injuries. The lawyer for the other party may use this against you when it comes to the settlement amount.

Depending on where your case is tried will make a difference in your settlement amount. Not only does it make a difference if you live in a heavily populated city versus a country area. Not only do those locations make a difference, but so does the state in which the case is tried. Each state has different laws when it comes to settlement amounts.

Car accident concussion settlement amounts vary based on many of the factors listed above. Listed here are some recent lawsuit amounts and factors. A Florida man was awarded $26 million when he suffered permanent brain damage when he was in a car accident with a commercial truck. A truck driver from Virginia was awarded $3.2 million when he was in an accident while driving on the job. He suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury, which may have included a concussion.

Another Virginian man received a $290,000 settlement from a concussion and other minor injuries due to a car accident. A woman in North Carolina received an $800,000 settlement due to her injuries from a car accident, which included a mild traumatic brain injury, depression, fatigue, changes in mood, and seizures. A woman from California received soft tissue injuries to her head when she was hit in an intersection and received $100,000. The amount of money awarded can vary greatly based on many factors. If you suffered from a concussion due to an auto accident, you should consider asking for a settlement.


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