Common Types of Injuries For Construction Workers

Accidents on sites for construction workers can often be fatal or lead to severe injuries given the dangerous nature of the industry. With the addition of heavy machinery as well as moving objects, busy projects and crowded sites, there are a number of ways that construction site incidents could occur. OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a list of guidelines and strict regulations that are designed to cut down on injuries to construction workers. Accidents can still occur however. Some of the most common types of injuries amongst construction workers include.


Slip and fall injuries are common amongst construction zones in the United States. Employees working at height may fall due to a variety of issues such as unprotected edges, weak support structures and more. Using protective equipment, providing a well lit workspace and keeping work areas tidy are all elements of OSHA policy that can help prevent fall injuries in these extremely dangerous and hazardous conditions.

Getting Hit By Objects

Construction sites often involve the use of heavy materials and equipment. When tools or items fall from higher surfaces they can often strike workers leading to serious or even fatal injuries. Regulations ensure that all workers need to wear reflective equipment, stay alert to their surroundings and stay away from materials stored in high reaching places. Improper storage of equipment or other items is negligence and could lead to a situation where a worker claims damages.

Caught Inside or Between Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery that is often required at construction sites can cause accidents when employees get stuck in between a heavy object or trapped against a wall or vehicle. Machinery can cause grave injuries and each employee is responsible for being aware of heavy objects and machinery on the job site as well as well as wearing all appropriate safety gear.

Electrocution Injuries

Electrocution injuries are also a concern on the job site as many construction sites have a variety of equipment that have running high-voltage components. Wearing appropriate protection and staying a safe distance away from electrical parts is crucial on the job site.

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