3 Reasons Property Owners Should Retain a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Starting a business is an exhilarating experience. It’s crafting something out of an idea or inspiration, a venture into something new. The experience, albeit time-consuming, is a challenge and a pleasure. It’s an abstract dream becoming a tangible reality. Getting started isn’t easy. Along with laying out the business plans, owners have to consider property investment, taxes, laws and local codes. Many of these are concepts quite foreign to the general proprietor. Hiring a commercial real estate attorney Austin TX permits those in charge to focus on the budding idea, fleshing out design and product, allowing professionals to take over the tedious work. Here are three ways retaining a lawyer can make the opening a bit smoother.

1. Negotiate Land Deals

When signing a lease or purchasing land, it’s best to go in with support. A real estate attorney is on hire to assist in the buyer’s interest. The fee is a salary, not a sales commission; therefore, the lawyer has no interest in rushing a contract. For example, a broker might encourage looking at something more expensive in order to gain a larger fee. That may be avoided with someone on retainer. This employee is working for the owners, seeking to lower the overall price and obtain the appropriate land.

2. Understand Regional Information

Tax and business laws change regularly. The law office stays current on fees, zoning regulations and tax paperwork. The experts can ensure that the operations are within acceptable parameters and staying up-to-date on filing with the state and county.

Take, for example, opening a local tap room. Not only does this involve creating an appropriate menu, but owners must also think about the alcohol regulations and liabilities. Researching it is possible, but could time away valuable time from putting together the right selection, appropriate advertising or necessary staff training. The legal team handles has that background, can share it with those in charge and ensure accuracy.

3. Alleviate Stress

While owners deal with banks, employees and vendors, the attorney assists with questions about assets, contracts and inspections. The delegation of tasks is vital. The relationship frees management to strengthen service and sales. In addition, should anything happen with the building, there is someone immediately present to provide guidance and support.

Enjoy striking out into something memorable and rewarding. With the right commercial real estate attorney, owners may feel comfortable to oversee the establishment’s revenue and development.


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