Public Trustees Make Handling an Estate a Little Less Complicated

If you contest a loved one’s will or need to establish a power of attorney to manage that person’s estate, the state can assign a public trustee to help you through these tasks. An attorney can be appointed as a public trustee in some cases but regardless of what this person’s actual title is, he or she can help you with everything from paying your loved one’s bills to managing that person’s property until the family decides what to do next. Powers of attorney and will contestations are more common than you might think and public trustees help you manage the financial affairs of your loved one so that your life can be a little easier and your loved one’s last wishes can be accommodated.

Lawyer holding document and speaking to jury in courtroom

The Assistance You Need and Deserve

Administering someone’s estate doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with the right legal assistance from a qualified attorney or trustee. These professionals know the law inside and out; therefore, they can help you with everything from filling out and submitting paperwork on time to deciding on practical solutions to the challenges all estate administrators face. A public trustee in NSW can help through two different types of assistance: an active assist, which means that you choose the type of assistance you want through a power of attorney; and a future assist, which is essentially a safety net that covers certain “what if” situations. If you are unsure of which will work best for you and your family, a free consultation with an attorney should clear things up because attorneys go over your situation in detail and then make the right recommendations so that in the end, you’ll have the assistance you need and are guaranteed to be successful with the legal responsibilities you’ve been put in charge of.

Providing All the Services You Need for Wills and Estate Planning

The attorneys who specialise in wills and estate planning help you with setting up these documents correctly and with any help you may need after these tasks are completed. They can set up a trust fund, develop or update your will, and help you administer a loved one’s estate. Furthermore, since most law firms have more than one lawyer on staff, you are guaranteed to get the services you need and deserve so that the process is a lot more convenient and simple. Estate and wills lawyers provide assistance to those who need help with probate details, contesting a will, and developing a power of attorney to make some of their duties a lot easier. Public trustees provide many invaluable services and whether the estate you’re dealing with is small or large, standard or complex, they will make sure that you get the advice and assistance you need so that everything turns out right for everyone in the end.


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