What Not to Do If You Get Arrested

A lot of people are arrested for various crimes that they commit every single day. One interesting detail is that most of those who get arrested make the same mistakes, and these mistakes do nothing else but make the situation even worse than it already was. A lot of these mistakes are just people’s natural reactions after getting arrested, which means that they are completely understandable.

However, things that some people do after getting arrested – whether they are actually guilty or not – are absolutely ridiculous. It is almost impossible to understand why they do those things.

I don’t know if you agree with me on this one, but I think that there is not a single person (at least not a normal person) in this world that would like to get arrested for anything. However, some people still end up being arrested not because they are guilty or anything like that, but simply because they were there when the crime took place. Knowing your rights and the arrest process is definitely a good idea. You can find information about that at http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-procedure/chronology-the-arrest-process.html

To make this more easy to understand, they get arrested simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Talk about this with your family and friends. You never know – it might come in handy when you least expect it to. Listening to the police officer and doing everything that you are told to do is the most basic rule that you need to remember. And now, here are some things that you absolutely must not do when facing an arrest.


Don’t Try to Talk Your Way Out

This one is very important – don’t say even a single word to the police officer. Remaining silent is one of your most basic rights, so make sure to take full advantage of it. I know that I already told you that this rule is very important just a couple of seconds ago, but it is actually so important that it is worth repeating every single minute.

Trying to convince the officer that you are innocent might bring you more harm than good, and the reason why is because police officers hear that same story from many different people every single day, and it is pretty much safe to say that they are sick of it. Generally speaking, they don’t really care if you are actually guilty or not, and there is pretty much nothing that they can do to help you.

Don’t Act Weird

Police officers are highly trained professionals, which means that they really know how to do their job well. They will watch you and the way you react to their questions, so whatever you do, don’t act weird.

Also, never try to talk smack to the officer, because it could backfire in a big way. Basically, when it comes to being arrested for any reason, God forbid Arrested for Murder, the best option is to look down and not say a single word.

Trying to Run Away Is Never a Good Idea

Just like I already said before, you need to listen to the officer and do exactly as you’re told. Don’t even think about trying to run away! Not only that it could bring you a couple of additional charges, but it could also help destroy any chances of you proving that you are not guilty. But there is something else that you need to remember when it comes to running – something that is so important that it could mean the difference between the life and death.

If you try to run away, officers might automatically assume that you have a weapon of some sort, which means that they might open fire without any hesitation. So, whatever you do, don’t try to run away.

Never Resist Arrest

Touching the officer in any way is never a good idea. And not only that, but this is also one of the most important rules that you need to remember in case you end up arrested for any reason. Fight your case instead of fighting the officer. However, if you do actually to try to fight the officer, the chances that you are going to lose are almost at 100%.

Many people who were brave enough to attack the police officer – whether physically or verbally – didn’t really end up the way that they thought they would. As you can see, resisting arrest is very dangerous, and it is definitely something that you should never do.


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