3 Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Speed Ticket Lawyer

Most drivers hire a speed ticket lawyer to keep points off their records and to potentially get rid of fines. However, there are plenty of other perks you may not realize you get when you hire an attorney to represent you in court. While you will need to pay an attorney for his or her services, this cost is often far less than what you will need to pay for the ticket.

  1. Free Consultation

If you are on the fence about whether you should hire a lawyer, then you should at least schedule a consultation. Many attorneys offer free consultations, so you can sit down together to review a case. This meeting gives the lawyer an opportunity to see if your case is worth pursuing. It also gives you a chance to see if you enjoy working with this person.

  1. Court Representation

As an example, say you received a speeding ticket in a small town six hours away from where you live. Your court appearance will be in that small town, and without a lawyer, you will need to drive six hours to get there. In some cases, your attorney can represent you fully, meaning you do not have to make the long journey. Make sure to ask your lawyer if this is possible before ditching your court date completely.

  1. Reduced Risk of a Suspended License

One speeding ticket may not seem that bad, but if you accumulate several tickets over a short amount of time, then you may have your license suspended. This ends up being much costlier than if you had just hired an attorney in the first place. Even if your fine is not that much, it can still be cheaper in the long run to have a lawyer from the beginning.

Traffic ticket lawyers in California are typically much more affordable to hire than you probably think. The cost of hiring legal representation from Ticket Clinic starts at $99, so get in touch with them to review your case by calling 1-800-248-2846.

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