The Expungement Process In Minnesota

Minnesota law let most people having criminal record apply for expungement. Now if the court accepts to expunge your records, then the court fully seals the records from public view and permits you to honestly state that you’ve not been convicted of any crime.

Getting rid of the criminal record is a great investment in yourself which can result in a better job as well as a lifetime of higher earnings.

Expungement Process In Minnesota

Minnesota Expungement cases can be very hard. The District Attorneys often object to expungement. Having lawyer represent you will ensure that you don’t end up needlessly missing years of opportunities because the case got delayed because of simple mistakes.

The process involves court petitioning for an expungement in the county where your original case took place. The petition will contain the entire necessary details from the original case that the court needs, and the arguments favoring the court granting the case. This could include attaching any supporting file as to why you’re deserving of the requested relief. The court is going to review the petition and usually set it for a hearing for the judge to decide.

Below are some of the Expungement services in Minnesota. 

Record Expungement

The law in Minnesota let you expunge a variety of cases. If you were apprehended and not convicted, the arrest records could be expunged. Also, you can expunge a case where you completed a diversion or just stay of adjudication as well as had the case dismissed. Minnesota Law permits you to also expunge some convictions. To expunge a conviction, a court has to find that expungement will benefit you which is equivalent to the drawbacks to the public as well as public safety resulting from sealing the record and disturbing the court to comply with your expungement.

Restoration of Firearm Rights

Now, firearm rights can really be lost in MN due to different offenses, which include “crimes of violence.” Also, under federal law, you lose your firearm rights for a conviction of a felony. You can your gun rights restored in Minnesota if the court finds that there’s “good cause” for you to do so. The law hasn’t defined what “good cause” implies; however, if it can include if you require a firearm for hunting or a job or if there’s no reason for you to think you can’t be trusted to have a gun.

Expungement MN

The court can expunge the records of a juvenile delinquency adjudication at any time. The judge might grant the expungement if he/she deems it advisable. Minnesota will automatically seal the juvenile records. However, the records aren’t automatically expunged. But, you can petition the court to fully expunge the juvenile records.

How You Can Expunge your Minnesota Criminal Record

If you want to begin the process and get lawyers start working on the Minnesota case, you can give us a call to begin. We will get you an attorney of record who will start working on the case immediately the first payment is done. We give flexible payment plans which are often interest-free, and we will start working as the first payment is done and continue working as far as you carry out the scheduled payments.

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